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Our Comprehensive Compliance Services

At Axiom, we are dedicated to ensuring that our clients navigate the complex landscape of real estate compliance with confidence. Our team of experts specializes in providing a range of essential compliance services to keep your business on the right track. Here's how we assist our clients:

State-Specific Compliance Information

Navigating state-specific real estate regulations can be challenging. We provide the most up-to-date and accurate information on state compliance requirements, helping your clients stay in adherence to local laws and regulations.

Notification of Regulatory Changes

Axiom keeps a vigilant eye on the ever-evolving rules and regulations in our operating states. Whenever there are changes that may impact our client's business, we promptly notify them ensuring they remain informed.

Licensing Applications and Renewals

Our experienced team will handle the complete process of licensing applications and renewals for the registered entity. We take the administrative burden off our clients shoulders to keep the licenses active and in good standing.

Active License Maintenance

Don't risk operating with expired licenses. We actively monitor and review the entity and broker licenses to ensure they remain active and in compliance with all regulatory requirements.

Trust/Escrow Account Assistance

We assist in naming and registering trust and escrow accounts with the Real Estate Commission to follow regulatory standards for each state. Additionally, our team provides ongoing compliance monitoring to keep these accounts in good standing.

Trust Account Reconciliation

We help maintain the integrity of the company's trust accounts by confirming monthly trust account reconciliations through the documentation from the accounting department.

State-Specific Annual Compliance Reviews

Our comprehensive compliance reviews are tailored to the specific requirements of each state. We conduct thorough annual reviews to ensure the business remains compliant and well-prepared for audits.

Advertising Compliance

Our partnership with our client's marketing department ensures that all advertising materials comply with both state and NRA (National Association of Realtors) guidelines.

Open Communication

We believe in maintaining open lines of communication regarding compliance-related topics. We work directly with a designated point of contact whom we keep informed and address any compliance concerns promptly.

At Axiom Realty Consultants we take the complexity out of compliance allowing our clients to focus on what they do best-serving thier clients and growing their business. Let us be yout trusted compliance partner, helping your real estate operations run smoothly, legally and with integrity.